‘From local butchers to leading manufacturer and supplier of canned halal meat products all over the world’.

About us

Groot Holland supplies a wide standard assortment of canned halal meat with a long shelf life, as well as exclusive private labels for retail businesses, importers and exporters worldwide. Standard and customized products tailored to the different tastes, specific wishes and requirements of the client/country concerned. Thanks to the state-of-the-art production methods and over 30 years experience with halal production, Groot Holland can deliver anything related to meat: from its own recipes to customized cans.


Groot Holland is one of the brands of the renowned Dutch meat company Groot. Reinder Groot, the butcher and founder of the family-run firm, was well known in Hoorn and far beyond during the 1920’s. People were willing to travel far for his delicious meat and meat products. Rival butchers were forced to sell his products too. And that was the start of the company’s continued growth.

‘The history of our family business spans over 90 years’.


Food Safety

For Groot Holland, the quality of the ingredients has always been its base line. Obviously, quality and food safety are assured in certifications and in the food safety system HACCP. There are also numerous protocols to ensure that the meat products fulfil the requirements of the countries to which they are exported.

Our products carry our EC identification and health marks (NL 159 EG). We comply with the regulations of the Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA).

‘Ensuring maximum taste experience and optimal hygiene in production.

Our products

Luncheon meat

The assortment of halal canned luncheon meat includes different packaging sizes and flavors. We combine craftsmanship with the challenging search for taste sensations for every target group: from lunch packs to large culinary packaging, products for all diets and cooking customs.


Customers buying Halal meat products at Groot Holland can be assured that these are produced under the strict protocols governing ‘halal’ processed meat. The artisan style production is strictly monitored by representatives and inspectors from Muslim organizations.

Groot Holland is completely open and transparent for customers. The products are available all over the world, for use in many wonderful (traditional) dishes.

Serving suggestions

salad with halal meat
salad halal meat

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Our vision

Groot Holland anchors quality through the generations of this authentic family firm. In an modern production company, continuous innovation on quality, production processes and hygiene is a priority. Groot Holland remains loyal to our core values and typical Dutch characteristics like frankness, working hard, sense of quality and transparency. For that reason, we keep the lines short. Customers know who they are doing business with and where they stand.